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Web App And Mobile App

Mobile App or Web App: What Does Your Business Need?
When it comes to apps, it becomes very difficult to decide whether to develop a web app or a mobile app. Both application types have their pros and cons and are dependent on multiple factors. Listed below are some of the deciding factors that will help to take the way forward.
Connectivity and Speed
Connectivity goes hand in hand with speed. Web apps work slowly and are not able to work without an internet connection. Mobile apps usually perform 1.5 times faster than web apps. In fact, certain mobile apps allow users to have access anytime, anywhere, and even without internet. Mobile apps are usually faster and more advanced to implement whereas web apps are quicker and easier to build.
Developing web apps and mobile apps differentiate in terms of design and functionality. The visual element of web app is very important and the frontend is usually developed in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Mobile apps are constrained by the features on the mobile devices. However, the greater benefit is that mobile apps can use native components like camera, GPS, accelerometer, Face ID, fingerprint, etc. while the web apps cannot use them by default.
Security is always a top priority and in today’s world, no one is immune to cyberattack. It is very important to ensure a secure setup from the start of the development process. Web apps are loaded from the internet browser; hence, safety and security is not always guaranteed. Mobile apps have an edge over web apps in terms security since they are guaranteed by Google’s or Apple’s app store screening process.
Web apps score more than mobile apps when it comes to cost. A basic web app cost can start at $3000 while the cost of developing a mobile app can be expected to be around $10000!
So if you are new into the business with limited resources and capital, then web apps might be the way to move forward.